kayak Liquidlogic Kayaks Delta 73

kayak Liquidlogic Kayaks Delta 73
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The Pat Keller designed creek boat has arrived - The DELTA V


The Delta V design comes from two great lineages. We took the soft landing, quick resurfacing, and confidence inspiring influence of our famous Jefe series and blended it with the Braaaps agile rocker profile to allow any paddler to easily negotiate their intended line. The Delta V also features a unique stern “Turbo Booster” which accelerates the kayak forward when engaged after a drop. Combine this with the nimble and intuitive feel that makes difficult maneuvers seem effortless and you have one powerful design. Simply put, this creek boat will have entry level paddlers falling in love with how easy it is to use, and top paddlers choosing it every time they are pushing the boundaries of the sport.  


This whitewater kayak definitely lives up to its double meaning name; DELTA V (del·ta vee);

  1. Literally meaning Change in Velocity - The unique stern Turbo Booster features accelerate the kayak forward after drops using naturally occurring flows.
  2. Delta waves in sleep correlated with dreaming plus the Roman numeral for five – This boat will have you dreaming about running Class 5 rapids all day.

Additional features include;

  • Center-line deck peak providing ultra-stability and directional locking when surfacing.
  • Side edge in the bow to provide ample foot room for comfort all day on the water.
  • Braaap style bow rocker for smooth maneuvering.
  • Cockpit area displacement hull design is tried and true with its lineage directly coming from the Jefe Series. Finding the right seat placement for your center of gravity will allow you to spin on a dime and hold your speed.
  • Stern features allow for little negative impact from cross current.
  • The kick rocker comes from slalom roots to provide controlled speed and agility


We wanted the graphic to also reflect the double meaning of the name, so we blended the look of a rocket ship blast off (representing the stern “Turbo Booster” features propelling the boat forward after a drop) with the look of waterfall. The font and Liquidlogic drop sliding across is space age inspired. The “73” represents the volume of the kayak. If your inseam is less than 32 inches, consider getting a FREE Blukhead Plate at checkout by adding the model specific B-Plate to your cart and using code FREEBPLATE. The larger B-Plate will replace the stock B-Plate giving you a better fit in your kayak. The B-Plate can be found under the Parts section in our online store.


  "No kayak has included a turbo booster in this fashion, and once you get used to the way it works and how to get it to load, you’ll find that this new feature adds a whole new level of performance to the kayaking industry. Line it up, load it correctly and feel the change in velocity of the new Delta V!"Pat Keller




 LENGTHWIDTHCOCKPIT LENGTHCOCKPIT WIDTHWEIGHTROCKER BOWROCKER STERNVOLUMEPADDLER WEIGHT DELTA V 738' 2" / 249 CM26" / 66 CM34.5" / 87.6 CM20.5" / 52 CM46 LBS / 21 KGN/AN/A73 GAL / 276 L100-200 LBS 49-91 KG DELTA V WHITEWATER KAYAK8' 6" / 259 CM27" / 69 CM34.5" / 87.6 CM21" / 53 CM49 LBS / 22 KGN/AN/A88 GAL / 333 L150-250 LBS 68-113 KG FLYING SQUIRREL 958' 11.5" / 273 CM26.5" / 67 CM34" / 86 CM20.5" / 52 CM51 LBS / 23 KGN/AN/A95 GAL / 360 L170-270 LBS 77-122 KG



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