Boat Liquidlogic Kayaks Flying Squirrel

Boat Liquidlogic Kayaks Flying Squirrel
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This is the boat that you, the paddlers, asked for through our 'Automatic For The People' drive.

We asked what boat design people wanted to see us create and the overwhelming answer was loud and clear: ' Make a Remix with more rocker and lots of deck volume.' We did it, and the result is a creek boat that's as comfortable running big volume as it is in the steeps. We started the design with the extreme race-winning speed of the Remix Series, added more rocker in the bow to get up and over obstructions, then we packed a bunch more volume throughout the deck to shed water in drops and punch through big rapids. That extra volume also lends itself to carrying the load for multi-day trips. Team member Pat Keller described the performance of the Squirrel: 'This thing has some serious 'fun factor' to it. The way the bow rocker is shaped, I immediately felt as if I was riding a downhill bike through berms and over jumps. It just loves to bank off of river features,' making them a part of your line rather than obstacles. 'The Flying Squirrel makes me feel really confident when i am dropping into a challenging rapid,' said the designer, Shane Benedict. While the Flying Squirrel excels in tough whitewater, the same characteristics join with an easy-to-roll design to make it a versatile boat that will take your paddling as far as you would like to go.We tested prototypes of this design here on the Green River for a year, and several team members travelled all over the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia with the Flying Squirrels. Waterfall hucker extraordinaire Evan Garcia said, "The Flying Squirrel is designed off my favorite boat of all times, the Remix. It's perfect for expeditions and big volume! It is also a very easy boat to paddle that feels smooth and safe down harder runs." The feedback of Evan and other team members played an instrumental part in refining this design.You may wonder how we came up with the name. The Flying Squirrel is the name of a move in the entrance drop of Gorilla, the largest rapid on our home river, the Green. Crazily enough, all three of the main elements in the design of this boat (speed, bow rocker, and volume) facilitate this move, and help you style the drop below. The more speed you have, the higher off the boof you can fly; the added rocker makes that transition onto the rock smoother, and tons of volume doesn't hurt when you head into a beast like Gorilla. Whether you are pushing the top end of the sport or hoping to make that one line a little smoother we think the Flying Squirrel will be the boat for you. If your inseam is less than 32 inches, consider getting a FREE Blukhead Plate at checkout by adding the model specific B-Plate to your cart and using code FREEBPLATE. The larger B-Plate will replace the stock B-Plate giving you a better fit in your kayak. The B-Plate can be found under the Parts section in our online store.




"Plain and simple the Flying Squirrel just makes me feel confident when I am heading into a challenging rapid."Shane Benedict





 LENGTHWIDTHCOCKPIT LENGTHCOCKPIT WIDTHWEIGHTROCKER BOWROCKER STERNVOLUMEPADDLER WEIGHT FLYING SQUIRREL 958' 11.5" / 273 CM26.5" / 67 CM34" / 86 CM20.5" / 52 CM51 LBS / 23 KGN/AN/A95 GAL / 360 L170-270 LBS 77-122 KG STOMPER 808' 2" / 249 CM26" / 66 CM35" / 89 CM20.5" / 52 CM46 LBS / 21 KGN/AN/A80 GAL / 303 L110-210 LBS 50-95 KG STOMPER 908' 5" / 257 CM27" / 69 CM35" / 89 CM20.5" / 52 CM49 LBS / 22 KGN/AN/A90 GAL / 341 L170-270 LBS 77-122 KG FLYING SQUIRREL 85 WHITEWATER KAYAK8' 9" / 266 CM25.5" / 65 CM34" / 86 CM20.5" / 52 CM49 LBS / 22 KGN/AN/A85 GAL / 322 L110-210 LBS 50-95 KG
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