Boat Liquidlogic Kayaks Braaap 69

Boat Liquidlogic Kayaks Braaap 69
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Modèle : Braaap 69
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The Braaap is the progression in how a performance river running boat is defined.

From the beginning, the Braaap has been paddled on the hardest whitewater our team could find. In fact, the day after making the first Braaap proto, Pat Keller and Eric Deguil loved it so much during a flat water session that they paddled it in the Green Race. Pat later took the Braaap to Mexico and won the first ever Extreme Waterfall World Championships. The Braaap's hull is derived from modern slalom boat design which gives crisp feedback to paddlers zipping in and out of eddies and while changing direction mid-current. The responsive hull, the ease of rolling and the Braaap's light weight create an excellent learning platform for novice paddlers while the speed and agility of the Braaap provide experienced boaters with downriver tactical controls. The Braaap has enough volume for all but your most challenging runs, yet it is small enough to control in the air, pivot turn, and surf like a dream. Once you dial this boat in, you will also find yourself tapping into squirts and splats. Jump in a Braaap and it will open up a completely new experience of how you play your way down the river. If your inseam is less than 32 inches, consider getting a FREE Blukhead Plate at checkout by adding the model specific B-Plate to your cart and using code FREEBPLATE. The larger B-Plate will replace the stock B-Plate giving you a better fit in your kayak. The B-Plate can be found under the Parts section in our online store.

he Braaap has somehow combined the agility and precision you find in a slalom boat with the durability and ease of paddling a modern creek boat. This combination creates the ultimate whitewater machine. The Braaap has quickly become my favorite boat to paddle and my everyday stout running device! Jordan Poffenberger

  Length Width Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Weight Rocker Bow Rocker Stern Volume Paddler Weight Braaap 69 8' 11" / 271.8 CM 24.5" / 62.2 CM 34.5" / 87.6 CM 21" / 53.3 CM 44 LBS / 20 KG 12" / 30.5 CM 10" / 25.4 CM 69 GAL / 261 L 100-220 LBS / 45 - 100 KG

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Boat Liquidlogic Kayaks Braaap 69
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